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Language Alive 2015/2016

Galileo is a clever scientist and he is an astronomer. He said that the sun is in the centre of the Universe. Galileo did lots of measurements and calculations. Nicholas came up with the idea first. Galileo was screaming at the church that he was right. Barbarini tried to help Galileo and teach the students  that the sun is in the middle and the planets go around the sun.
 - Amelia & Aneesah

Galileo is a clever scientist and a very clever astronomer . He was doing so many calculation and measurements to work out if the sun was moving around the earth or the other way around. There was this person named Nicholas who got the idea of the sun moving around the earth so he checked if Nicholas was right but he was wrong. Galileo screamed at the church because he thought that he was right and the Bible wasn't right. Galileo started to teach the students science. Barbarini shouted to the children while Galileo was gone, "he is a big troublemaker don't listen to him!"

 - Abubakar & Amdadul