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Artist In Residence

Andrew Tims has been working as artist-in-residence at Montgomery since September 2013. During this time he has engaged a number of Year Groups in the creation of new artwork, all linked to our Talk for Writing programme.  Here below are a few examples of the work he has been doing in collaboration with the children.

Year 3 - Predators

Children from Year 3 worked in collaboration with artist-in-residence Andrew Tims to create artwork in response to their Autumn term topic Predators.

As part of the project the children produced collages incorporating images of three ‘real’ predators – mountain lion, eagle and wolf, to create their own ‘imaginary’ predators.

Working in groups the children pieced together their fantasy predator using existing photocopied imagery before applying washes of paint, limited to a natural colour palette of browns and ochres.

The final artwork, reduced in size yet still retaining its detail, depicts a range of scary, quirky, sad, funny, beautiful, grotesque and bonkers beasts.

Year 6 - Frozen Kingdom

Children from Year 6 worked in collaboration with artist-in-residence Andrew Tims to create block prints in response to their Autumn term topic Frozen Kingdom.

As part of their topic the children studied The Arctic (and Antarctic) and its indigenous people – the Inuits.

The Inuits became the focus for this project, specifically the artwork that the Inuits made - often black and white prints featuring animals.

The children began the process by making observational drawings of toy animals, focusing on their shape, form and texture, before transferring their drawings onto compressed foam. Professional printing inks were rolled onto the foam surface, followed by the children placing a sheet of card over the top, enabling the ink to transfer.

The twelve artworks on display each contain six individual animal prints, accompanied by their title, describing their print.

Year 5 - Scream Machine

Children from Year 5 worked in collaboration with artist-in-residence Andrew Tims to create self-portraits in response to their Autumn term topic Scream Machine.

As part of the project the children produced mono-printed images of themselves based on experiences of roller-coaster rides – both real and imaginary.

The children’s facial expressions tell the story for how they feel when they’re on the ride. Many words were used to describe their experiences, cluding; excited, scared, happy, unforgettable, superb, awesome, frightened…

The final portraits on display depict open screaming mouths, covered apprehensive eyes and smiling happy faces, offering a range of personal roller-coaster ride experiences.

Year 5 - Scream Machine

Year 5 children worked in collaboration with artist Andrew Tims to create artwork in response to the topic they were learning during summer term – Scream Machine.

The focus for the project was to create an imaginary theme park that included a roller-coaster, using photomontage techniques. Photomontage is the process and the result of making a composite photograph by cutting, gluing, rearranging and overlapping two or more photographs into a new image.

Working in groups the children chose photographs including roller-coaster track, roller-coaster carts, animals, circus tents, ice creams and themselves to create their artwork.

The resulting artwork, of seventeen photomontages, depicts the children’s creative ideas shown alongside the title of their image.

Year 4 - Blue Abyss

Children from Year 4 worked in collaboration with artist-in-residence Andrew Tims to create artwork in response to their Spring term topic Blue Abyss.

As part of the project the children used recycled plastic materials, including: cutlery, toys, folders and cooking tools in order to create imaginary sea creature sculptures.

Working in groups the children firstly designed and then pieced together their fantasy sea creature using the materials provided, before the artist used a hot glue gun to secure the material pieces together.

The final artwork has been backed onto black foam board to accentuate the beautiful shapes and vibrant colours of the Blue Abyss sea creatures.


Year 4 - Playlist Paintings

Children from Year 4 worked in collaboration with artist-in- residence Andrew Tims to create abstract paintings in response to individual pieces of music, ranging from classical arrangements to contemporary pop.

The process involved the children listening to a piece of music and describing how it made them feel. For example: was it calm, fast, relaxing, happy, sad, upbeat, repetitive, funny, choppy? Once these decisions had been made, the children chose the relevant colours, shapes and patterns in order to create the music visually.

The nine paintings on display were produced using pre-painted pieces of plastic that were cut into shape by the children and assembled together onto a stretched canvas, creating a collaged painting.


Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, colour and line to create a composition that often exists with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.

Playlist is the title of the topic the children were learning during Spring 2.


Year 1 - Superheroes

Children from Year 1 worked in collaboration with artist-in- residence Andrew Tims to create artwork in response to their Spring term topic Superheroes.

The project began with the children working individually to produce images of an imaginary superhero, ensuring that each incorporated the key elements of a mask, cape, boots, belt, weapon.

On completion the children, working in groups, used their original superhero drawings to create a new ‘ultimate superhero’ by cutting up and piecing together sections of their own drawings with their friends.

The children’s newly designed ‘ultimate superhero’ was then recreated using compressed foam cut to size and shape, with textures and patterns drawn into its surface. Professional printing inks were rolled onto the foam surface, followed by the children placing a sheet of cartridge paper over the top, enabling the ink to transfer.

The final series of artworks, feature 14 ultimate superheroes designed and printed by Year 1 children.