2017 - 2018 Match Reports

Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby (20/03/2018)

Our media team have created this report on the Tag Rugby tournament we competed in and finished 2nd in at Oasis Academy Hobmoor!

Boccia & Kurling (20/03/2018)
We entered two Boccia teams and two Kurling teams into a competition at Sutton Coldfield College on Tuesday 20th March and we had a great time there! All teams started strongly and won their first games but had mixed fortunes in the next round as our "A" Boccia and "B" Kurling teams won but our "B" Boccia and "A" Kurling teams were defeated. After playing a few matches each, we unfortunately didn't amass enough points to qualify for the semi finals but all of our teams played so well and had a great time. Well done Junaid, Azhar, Ibraheem, Izhaan, Halima, Rayhan, Ismail, Mikhail and Aleena!

Change 4 Life spring festival (19/03/2018)
Shuaib, Izhaan, Ibraheem, Sonia, Anamaria, Anisa, Rayeema, Ezaan and Seyf were all invited to participate in a Change 4 Life festival at Billesley Inddor Tennis centre. We had a great time there playing games such as Pirate Ships, Dragon Treasure, Target throws, Parachute Games, Skipping and Football! We can't wait to carry on our Change 4 Life after school club when we return from the Easter break and to attend the summer Change 4 Life festival as we had so much fun!

Year 5 & 6 Tennis (18/01/2018)
Our 3 tennis teams, each made up of two girls and two boys, took part in a tournament at Billesley Tennis Centre and played really well! All the teams played either 4 or 5 matches each with a varying amount of wins, draws and losses for each! The scores and results from each player were added to the other players from their team and the final standings in each of the groups was calculated but sadly for us none of them qualified for the semi-finals despite playing so well! Well done Myesha, Innaya, Hamza, Samir, Rayeema, Anum, Usman, Muhammad Ali, Rehan, Usman, Ramana and Nadia!

Year 5 & 6 Basketball (16/01/2018)
We were entered into a Basketball tournament at Starbank school and we took two teams to compete in it. Our "A" team made it through the group stage with an almost perfect record after they drew 4-4 with Al-Furqan, despite being 4-0 down at one stage, defeating St Bernadette's 4-2 and overcoming Parkfield by 2 points to 0! Our "B" team did well too, they drew their first game against Starbank 0-0, narrowly lost 2-0 to St Bernadette's and again drew with Parkfield 2-2 but unfortunately those results weren't enough to make it through to the semi-finals. As the "A" team topped their group they qualified for the semi-finals where they faced off against Al-Furqan. It was a tight game with our opponents taking the lead early on and although the game was end to end the score stayed the same for a while, until Samir produced a moment of magic and scored a great long range basket to level the scores. In the dying seconds of the game however, one of the Al-Furqan players scored another brilliant shot and won them the game. We moved on into the 3rd place play-off against Parkfield and it was once more a tight game with only 1 basket being scored. Unfortunately for us, it was Parkfield who scored it meaning we finished in 4th place overall! Well played Samir, Haroon, Asad, Umayma, Leyla and Sala, and also well done to our "B" team Muhammad Ali, Rayeema, Usman, Innaya, Musa and Anum!

Year 5 & 6 Dodgeball (11/01/2018)
In our first competition of the new year, we took 3 teams to represent us in Dodgeball at Nechells Wellbeing Centre. Each team played 3 matches in the group stage of the competition and our "A" and "C" teams both won one of their games and lost the other two in very close battles. Our "B" team fared better as they faced off against Audley, Greet and Waverley, managing to defeat them all and top the group with a 100% record! This meant they progressed into the semi-finals where they played against Marlborough in a tense meeting which we were able to dominate and took only a minute or so to get all of their players out! As we won the semi-final, we moved on into the final where we faced Audley and again it was an extremely close match which saw us take an early advantage as we got a couple of their players out, but they rallied and were able to level the game. The game swung a couple more times but unfortunately for us Audley were took the lead and were able to hang on and ran out winners. Samir, Aina, Anum, Hamza and Ibrahim took home the silver medals which is still something to be very proud of! Well done everybody!

Year 3 & 4 Gymnastics (5/12/2017)
We took two teams to represent our school in a Gymnastics competition on Tuesday 5th December. Our "A" team were chosen to perform their floor routines first and they executed them fantastically well and showed no signs of nerves or hesitation which helped them get an excellent score. Our "B" team performed their floor routines a little while after and matched the "A" team for execution! We then moved on to the vault, where the children had to run and jump onto a box as best as they could. Again, our "A" team went first, followed by the "B" team and once more all our children performed brilliantly! We had scored a strong number of points throughout the event and our "A" team were unlucky to finish in 4th place, just 5 points behind the school who finished in 3rd place and claimed the bronze medals! However, our "B" team scored enough points to top the table, meaning they were the overall winners and took home the gold medals! Well done all.

Year 3 & 4 Athletics (28/11/2017)
Similarly to the year 5 and 6 Athletics event a couple of weeks previously, we took a team of year 3 and 4 children to Starbank school to take part in an Athletics competition. We competed against various other schools in a range of track and field activities such as 4x1 relay, obstacle relay, vertical jump, javelin and speed bounce. Our boys team got off to a flying start in their first event, obstacle relay, as they won their heats and set the fastest time of anyone overall! The boys continued strongly on the track as they set the 3rd fastest time in the over and under relay, 2+2 relay and the hurdles but did even better in the field as in every event they finished in the top 3! We topped the javelin and chest push scores, were 2nd in the vertical jump, five strides and long jump and posted the 3rd highest score in the speed bounce. The girls performed just as well as the boys in their heats in the races, finishing 2nd in both the obstacle and 1+1 relay and coming in in 4th place in the 2+2 as well as the 4x1 relays! The scores from the girls were equally as impressive on the track events, ending in the top 5 in all of them. We got the highest score in the chest push, were 2nd in five strides, 3rd in javelin, 4th in long jump and 5th in speed bounce and vertical jump! All the scores posted throughout the event and added to each teams overall score and as we had done so well in all of the activities we finished in 2nd place overall and were awarded the silver medals! Well done all, you should be very proud of how you performed!

KS1 Multi-skills festival (24/11/2017)
We were invited to participate in a multi-sports festival at Birmingham City University so we took 11 lucky children to take part. They played in games, sports and activities such as Volcanoes v Craters, Cat and Mouse, gymnastics, football, stuck in the mud, parachute games and over and under amongst others! Everyone had a brilliant time and were sweating loads from working so hard all afternoon!

Year 5 & 6 Athletics competition (07/11/2017)
We were entered into an Indoor Athletics competition on Tuesday 7th November and we performed really well on the day to finish in 6th place! Our team was made up of a mixture of boys and girls and we competed in events such as the 1+1 lap relay, 6 lap Paarlauf, Chest push, speed bounce and vertical jump. Two boys and two girls took part in each of the field events and one team of boys and one team of girls took part in each of the track events. The girls did very well in the standing triple jump, finishing 3rd overall but did even better in the chest push by scoring the highest out of everybody in the competition! The boys fared better in the track events compared to the field ones by winning the 4x1 lap relay and coming in 5th place on the standing long jump! All the scores from all of the teams and the events attending were collated and on the day we finished in 6th place, so well done all!

Year 5 & 6 Boys football tournament (31/10/2017)
Our two boys football team played in a tournament at Oasis Hobmoor Academy on Tuesday 31st October. Our teams were in seperate groups and our "B" unfortunately didn't progress into the knockout stages as they drew 3 and lost 2 of their matches despite playing very well. Our "A" team fared better as they remained undefeated in the group stages and didn't even concede a goal as they only failed to win 1 of their group matches! This meant they topped their group and qualified for the final against Parkfield school. It was a tight game where neither team were able to break the deadlock thanks to strong defending and goalkeeping from both teams and the match finished 0-0. With nothing between us, the winner was to be decided by a penalty shoot-out. Again, there was nothing to separate the teams in the first 3 penalties and the shoot-out went to "sudden-death" but this went on for several penalties each! Finally, Rehan was able to save a Parkfield penalty after we had converted ours and this meant we won the shoot-out and the tournament so we have now qualified for the final against Audley school in a few weeks! Well played everyone!

Year 5 & 6 Girls football tournament (17/10/2017)
On Tuesday 17th October we took our girls football team to Small Heath School where they competed in a football tournament. The girls got off to a great start by winning their opening match 1-0, against Regents Park, with us scoring a fortuitous goal from the edge of our own penalty box as we were clearing the ball! The next match was against Greet and it was a very hard fought game with Greet taking the lead midway through but our girls fought back and within 2 minutes had equalised as with a nice turn on the edge of the box and am low fired shot into the corner of the goal! The game finished as a 1-1 draw and our third game was a similar outcome, this time against Audley. Neither team was able to find a goal as both defences were on top and it ended 0-0, meaning after three matches we had only conceded 1 goal and were unbeaten! Our final group game against Parkfield was an end to end affair with both goalkeepers making good saves but Parkfield struck first and took the lead. This didn't worry our girls though as almost immediately we pounced on a bouncing ball and rocketed it into the top corner, drawing the teams level! Just a minute or two later, we were in front after a slick passing move ended with a first time volley on which flew into the far corner of the goal. The game finished 2-1 and this meant we topped our group and progressed into the Gold medal match against Parkfield "A"! This final game was another tight one with almost nothing between the teams. Our keeper pulled off a great save to keep them at bay and we hit a good shot which went just wide of the post. The first, and only goal of the game, came late on but unfortunately for us it was scored by Parkfield after a nice turn and shot into the corner by their striker. We couldn't find a way back into the game despite all the effort the girls put in but they did incredibly well and were awarded the silver medals for finishing in 2nd place overall which is certainly something to be proud of! Well played girls!

Year 5 & 6 Hockey tournament (28/09/2017)
We took two Hockey teams to take part in a "Quick sticks" tournament at Birmingham City University and they both performed incredibly well. Our "A" team began with a game against Wydncliffe in which we claimed a 3-0 victory. Our second match against Blakesley Hall was similar to the first as we defended strongly and we were able to keep another clean sheet and ran out 2-0 winners. We then faced a strong Starbank side and there was nothing to separate the teams as all attacks were repelled until the final few seconds when Starbank sent the ball forwards and one of their girls was perfectly placed to flick the ball home, meaning we conceded our first goal of the competition and also lost for the first time. Our final group game was against Greet 2 and a nice move between all four of our players was rounded off and another flowing move was finished neatly and we finished the game 2-0 winners and qualified for the 3rd place play-off!

Our "B" team began the tournament with a match against Greet 1. It was a tight affair with Greet scoring the only goal of the game meaning we lost 1-0. Our next two games against Greet 2 and Starbank 2 were goalless as we defended well but our attacks were nipped in the bud by our opponents. Unfortunately we didn't accumulate enough points to progress into the finals like the "A" team did.

In the 3rd place play-off we faced Greet 1, who had beaten our "B" team in the group stage so we knew we were in for a tough game. Both teams attacked when they had the opportunity but defences were on top for the majority of the match until the last couple of minutes when the deadlock was broken. A weaving run ended with our striker being picked out who was only a couple of yards out so he had a simple tap in to open the scoring and give us the lead. We sealed the victory seconds later when we won a corner and some quick thinking from saw us take it straight away and he found his teammate unmarked in the D with a perfect pass across meant it was again, a simple finish for us to score. The final whistle went almost immediately meaning we took a 2-0 victory and the bronze medals!

Well done to both teams, especially our "A" team who finished in 3rd place overall!

Year 3 & 4 Football tournament (19/09/2017)
Two days ago we went to a football tournament. I’ve been to lots of tournaments and this was one of my favourites. One team we played was Greet and on our team were Mohamed Zak and Hakrah and Hanood and Rizwaan. my team scored three goals and Rizwaan scored one of them and it was a very good game but one boy from Greet got injured. By Zak, year 4.

On Tuesday, children went to a Football Tournament and we had lots of fun. We went on Mr Bailey’s minibus to get to Oasis Hobmoor. When we got there they split us up into two groups. Team A played against Greet B,St. Bernadettes and Blakesley Hall. Team B played against Al - Furqan, Holy Family, Starbank and Oasis hobmoor. Altogether we scored 10 goals.We had so much fun playing football. Monty was supporting Norway and we came in 4th place. By Hajrah and Alema, Year 4

Tuesday 19 september 2017
We went in a minibus to get there.When we were there,we saw lots of teams and we had to compare against them.The montgomery primary academy school were 4rth place in the whole competition. It took us 2 hours and 50 mins to go there and come back.They were only yr 3 and 4 in the whole competition.we had 5 mins break to have a drink.we were representing the country Norway.We were against star bank.star bank were representing japan oasis were representing italy and the holy family were representing canada. By Hanood, year 4

When we played our first match we were very excited and we vs St Bernadettes we wanted to win the first match but we were too nervous. We also played against Greet. Rizwan scored 2, Mustafa scored 3 and Ilyas scored 2.The rest of the team done really well. We beat Starbank and Greet and we came in 4th place. By Mustafa, year 4 and Ilyas, year 3

2016/2017 sporting success!
We had a fantastic year in 2016/2017 and within our local partnership an Olympics style tournament was run where each school represented a country for the year, as well as a Ugandan school after Miss Reed visited and worked there last summer, and were awarded points for entering competitions and bonus points for finishing in the top 3 places. We are incredibly proud to have finished in 2nd place overall, narrowly missing out on 1st place but congratulations to Audley who finished top of the pile! We are very excited to get under again this year and can't wait for the competitions to begin once more!