2015/2016 Sporting Achievements

Montgomery awarded Gold by YST and School Games for PE!

We're proud to announce that over the summer we have been awarded the Gold standard for PE and Sport here at Montgomery Primary Academy by the Youth Sports Trust and School Games for the pupils, sports coaches and teachers commitment to sport. Look out for our shiny new logos that we'll be showing off around the school and on all our letters!

Cricket festival 3rd place! (19/07/2016)

Our Year 5 cricket team finished 3rd in their Cricket festival final which they played on the main pitch at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium! Brilliant job Amina, Imaan, Sala, Yusuf, Faizan, Ishraqul, Zumer, Asad, Adam and Samuel!

Boys Greet Mini League Winners! (14/07/2016)

Well done to our boys football team who won the Greet Premier League! It all came down to the final match where they needed another school to drop points, which they did, meaning they won the league by 1 point! Congratulations Kamran, Anwaar, Ahmed, Saqib, Eesa K, Husnain and Esa H!

Girls Greet Mini League 5th place! (13/07/2016)

Our girls football team completed their final fixtures in the Greet Mini League this week and finished in 5th place overall! They played so well over the duration of the league, only losing 2 games in total. Additional congratulations go to Fabiah who won our "Star Player" award as she was excellent in every match, proving to be a real engine in midfield!

Cricket festival winners! (04/07/2016)

Congratulations to our Year 4/5s who won the "Chance to Shine" Cricket festival at Moseley Ashfield Cricket Club and qualified for the finals on July 19th which will be held at Edgbaston Cricket Club! Brilliant job Amina, Imaan, Sala, Yusuf, Faizan, Ishraqul, Zumer, Asad, Adam and Samuel!

5th place in Tennis in Birmingham! (24/06/2016)

After winning the local tennis tournament against schools from the Small Heath Partnership back in April, Rezwana, Farihah, Ishraqul, Husnain and Saqib took part in the regional finals in Cannon Hill Park on Friday 24th June. All 5 children played brilliantly and finished in 5th place out of about 12 schools from various other partnerships around Birmingham on the day! Well done everyone.

4th place in Handball groups! (21/06/2016)

We took 3 handball teams to the last School Games tournament of the year and despite playing well all three teams finished in 4th place in their groups and unfortunately failed to qualify for the knockout stages but they all had a great time and Hassan, Humera, Mohammed, Iqra, Aneesah and Areeb were all awarded the "Self-Belief" badge!

Silver medal for Year 3/4 Cricket team! (13/06/2016)

Our Year 3/4 Cricket team played in their final on Monday 13th June and won in round 1 but lost the final and finished runners up! Well done Yasmin, Anisa, Nafis, Ibrahim, Leyla, Samuel, Ibrahim and Ahdam!

3rd place in Year 5 Cricket! (13/06/2016)

Our Year 5 Cricket team took part in a their Cricket final on Monday 13th June and lost the first game meaning they played in the 3rd place play-off which they won! Congratulations Salahuddin, Yusuf, Faizan, Anisa, Habiba, Ishraqul, Adam and Samir!

4th place in Cricket! (10/06/2016)

Our para cricket team were in a tournament at Shenley Academy and played really well but only just missed out on the medals and finished in 4th place! Good work Ibraheem, Izhaan, Hadeel, Dannish, Mansur, Mustafa, Zuhaib and Azhar!

Bronze medalists in Tag-Rugby! (07/06/2016)

Our tag rugby team played several matches in their tournament and finished in 3rd place overall, taking away the bronze medals! Great effort Al Munawar, Rabia, Zaynah, Farihah, Rezwana, Ishraqul, Aamanul and Zumer!

4th place in Rounders! (19/05/2016)

Zaynah, Fabiah, Alisha, Humaira, Zumer, Eesa, Ismail, Hamza and Ismail took part in a Rounders competition on Thursday 19th May and did really well to finish 4th!

Year 5 Cricket 5th place! (17/05/2016)

Our Year 5 Cricket team were entered into a Cricket tournament run by Warwickshire Cricket Club at Kings Heath and they played really well. They won 3 out of their 4 matches and finished in 5th place overall! Well done Adam, Samir, Sala, Yusuf, Asad, Ishraqul, Zumer and Faizan!

Year 5/6 Athletics 2nd place! (3/05/2016)

We took part in an Athletics competition on Tuesday 3rd May Ishraqul, Husnain, Esa, Qasim, Sidrah, Amina, Rezwana and Farihah put in some great performances in the javelin, 400m run, 50m sprint and standing long jump and managed to finished 2nd out of the 11 teams that were there!

Year 5/6 Tennis Winners! (26/04/2016)
Our team of Year 5/6 tennis players played really well to win the tournament at Billesley Tennis Centre and qualify for the Level 3 Games Finals in July! Well done Husnain, Ishraqul, Fariah and Rezwana!

Year 5 Cricket Winners! (14/04/2016)

We took a year 5 team of Salahuddin, Yusuf, Iqra, Rezwana, Fariah, Roheel, Faizan, Ishraqul and Zulkifl to Oasis Academy Hobmoor to compete in their version of the year 3/4 Cricket tournament that happened earlier in the day. They continued the great form shown by the younger years and won their 2 group games before narrowly defeating Al-Furqan in the knock-out stage to qualify for the local finals later in the year! Great job guys!

Year 3/4 Cricket Winners! (14/04/2016)

Our young cricket team wasted no time at all settling back into the new term as they won 3 out of 3 matches at Oasis Academy Hobmoor against very strong opposition to qualify for the regional finals in June! Well played Yasmin, Leyla, Anisa, Ibrahim, Samir, Ahdam, Mohammed Ibrahim, Samuel and Adam!

Tri-Golf 3rd place! (22/03/2016)

We took a Year 3/4 team and a Year 5/6 team to a Tri-Golf tournament at Hatchford Brook Golf Centre and our Year 5/6 team showed their chipping and putting skills to place 3rd and win themselves a bronze medal! Congratulations to Al Mujahid, Humaira Adan, and Amira who all won the "Self-Belief" badge as well!

South Birmingham Cup 3rd place! (07/03/2016)

On Monday 7th March we traveled to Aston Villa to take part in the South Birmingham Schools cup football competition. After an intense group stage we had won 2 and lost 2 matches so our final group match vs our friends/rivals from Percy Shurmer was a "winner takes all" clash. We won 2-1 and qualified for the semi-finals but unfortunately lost but our children played so well to come in 3rd place overall!

Multi-sports festival 7th place! (01/03/2016)

We took 2 of our Year 1 classes to compete in a huge multi-sports festival at Billesley Tennis centre. The day was so much fun and it was a great introduction to competitive sport outside of school for our children who all had a great time and finished 7th overall!

Aston Villa North Birmingham Cup qualifiers! (29/02/2016)

Our team of Izhaan, Eesaa, Noshab, Shahzeb, Mansur, Azhar, Ibraheem and Mustafa all played brilliantly in the football cup competition at Aston Villa and won 2 and drew 2 of their games meaning they qualified for the semi-finals!

Azhar wins the "Determination" award! (09/02/2016)

Congratulations to Azhar who was awarded with the "Determination" certificate at the regional Athletics Sports Hall Final for all his effort and hard work throughout the day. Well done!

Tennis Tournament 5th place! (21/01/2016)

Inaaya, Myesha, Rayman and Samir all played really well in their matches in the tournament at Billesley Tennis Centre and ended finishing in an excellent 5th place!

Gymnastics Runners-up! (14/01/2016)

After practicing our routine really hard for a couple of weeks we were ready for the Gymnastics tournament. Shuaib, Nafees, Usra, Selma, Hasnain and Aisha all did fantastically well and came 2nd to win the Silver medal!

Sportshall Athletics 4th place! (13/01/2016)

We entered a Sportshall Athletics tournament at Nechells Community centre and performed so well on the day to come in 4th place! It means that we have now qualified for Regional finals on February 9th!

Hockey tournament "Determination" award! (26/11/2015)

Our team of Year 6 Hockey players did really well to finish 3rd in their group as it was their first time playing together. Because of the hard work and effort our team put in, they were awarded the "Determination" badge by the Young Leaders who were officiating the tournament!

Primary Panathlon Winners! (04/11/2015)

On Wednesday 4th November we were invited to take part in a Primary Panathlon competition at the Nechells Community Sports Centre. The Panathlon challenge is a national charity which provides sporting opportunities for over 7,500 young people each year. We competed in a huge variety of sports such as table cricket, parachute popcorn, boccia, new age kurling, polybat and football to name just a few, some of which we regularly play at school and others that we’ve never played before! We were playing against 8 other schools so there was a lot of competition but Izhaan, Habiba, Ibraheem, Hadeel, Ubaid, Azhar and Mansur did brilliantly throughout the day and we came in first place and bagged ourselves some fantastic medals and a trophy!

Year 3 & 4 Football Runners-up! (05/10/2015)

We played in a mixed football tournament at Small Heath School and after playing brilliantly and winning every group game (without even conceding a goal!) we qualified immediately for the final. Unfortunately we narrowly lost 1-0 but had a great afternoon and still took home a silver medal!

Sainsburys School Games Bronze & Silver! (10/07/2015)

At the Sainsburys School Games Finals we had 2 teams competing, 1 in Boccia and Kurling and the other team in Cricket. Everyone had a great day out and tried their hardest and the Boccia and Kurling team were rewarded with a Bronze medal and the cricket team did one better and won a Silver medal!