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Monty Cup

The Monty Cup runs at lunch time and 3 teams are selected to play. Each year group has a selected day in the week to compete and each team is made up of a number of players from each of the 3 classes in a particular year group. A different sport is played every week, the scores are recorded and loaded into a league table and the teams receive 5 points if they win, 3 points if they draw and 1 point if they lose. If your class tops the table, you could have the trophy proudly displayed in your classroom for the whole term!

The Monty cup is up and running again for 2017 so watch this space for the league table!

Congratulations to the Crocodiles class who narrowly won the Monty Cup in the first term of the year as well as the final term of 2015/2016! They now get to keep and display the Monty Cup in their classroom throughout the whole of the term until the Christmas break as a result of their hard work. Well done everyone!