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Physical Or Sensory Needs

My child has physical and/or sensory needs.

What is it?

Sensory needs extends from deafness or visual impairment through to lesser levels of loss, which may only be temporary. Some children and young people with a physical disability which requires additional ongoing support and equipment to access all the opportunities available to their peers.


What does it look like?

Children may have:

Visual impairments

Hearing impairments

Gross motor difficulties

Fine motor difficulties

Your child may require the use of a wheelchair

Conditions such as cerebral palsy or arthritis

                                 Physical injuries

What can Montgomery offer?

In liaison with class teachers and parents, the SENCo will support staff to provide the most appropriate level of support.

Support Menu

Universal Support for all children Differentiation - teachers will adapt teaching and learning so that children can access the curriculum at their level. Audit of the learning environment to ensure children have maximum access to the curriculum and access to quiet environments.
  Dedicated and caring staff who have high ambitions and expectations for all children regardless of disability or needs. Physical access to the school, wheelchair and disabled access including disabled toilets, lifts and ramps.
  Access to visual aids to support new vocabulary and new concepts. Use of ICT to support teaching and learning.
 Short term interventions

A range of assessments are used to determine children’s starting points and monitor their progress.
 Academic Interventions

All children with physical and sensory needs have equal access to all interventions as stated in the cognition and support menu.

Click here to see the range of academic interventions on offer
Fine Motor Skills
Developing control and coordination of fine movements, such as threading tweezing, cutting, moulding and tracing.
  Handwriting club

Developing handwriting skills through fun activities. Working on pencil grip and letter formation.

SEND Sporting team
Children can join our SEND athletes and take part in a range of sporting fixtures throughout the year.
  School Nurse
When appropriate children and families are able to meet with the school nurse who can provided support and advice with medical needs.
Speech and Language Therapist (School based and NHS)
Children can be referred a speech and language therapist who can assess your child and recommend interventions and support.
Specialist provision Sensory Support (SS)

Sensory Support is a team of specialist staff working with children and young people with hearing or vision impairment. They aim to minimise the impact of a sensory impairment on a pupil’s learning and development and to raise attainment. They may also provide specialist equipment.

The Physical Difficulties Support team supports and promotes the inclusive education of children and young people with physical difficulties and motor disorders. Their team provides advice and support to educational settings to ensure compliance with all statutory duties. They provide advice and ongoing support for children and young people with physical and motor difficulties at all stages of their education. They may also provide specialist equipment.

  A personalised care plan
Where children have significant medical needs and difficulties, a personalised medical care plan will be implemented.
Exam Access arrangements
Access arrangements are made for children who needs adaptations so they can access tests.