Learning & Teaching

We believe that children learn best when their learning experiences are evocative, therefore we teach most of our subjects through a connected curriculum.

This works by delivering a different theme in each year group for each term throughout the year. The curriculum is planned so that as many learning experiences as possible are linked to this theme; this allows the children to see that their skills are all connected. During the children's learning we try to integrate as many real life experiences as possible that are related to the area they are studying.

Literacy, Numeracy and ICT underline our curriculum to ensure that the key skills children need for success, are fully learned before the children move on to secondary education. Therefore, our curriculum is skills based and children learn to apply these skills in every part of their learning.

Curriculum Coverage

Year Aut 1 Aut 2Spr 1 Spr 2 Sum 1 Sum 2
NurseryWhy do you love me so much?How many colours in a rainbow?Can we explore it?Are eggs alive?Which was the biggest dinosaur?How high did I jump?
ReceptionDo you want to be friends?Why do squirrels hide their nuts?Do cows drink milk?Why are carrots orange? Why do ladybirds have spots?Will you read me a story?
1Paws, Claws and Whiskers (Science)Dinosaur Planet (History)Splendid Skies (Science)Superheroes (PE)Enchanted Woodland (Geography)Moon Zoom (Science)
2Towers,Tunnels and Turrets (History)Beat Band Boogie (Music)Wriggle and Crawl (Science)Land Ahoy (Geography)The Scented Garden (Science)Beachcombers (Science)
3Tremors (History/Geography)Predator (Science)Scrumdiddlyumtious (Art/D+T/Geography)Heroes and Villans (Art/D+T/History)Flow (Geography)Gods and Mortals (History)
4Potions (Science)Traders and Raiders (History)Blue Abyss (Art/D+T)Playlist (Music)Road Trip USA (Geography)1066 (History)
5Peasants, Princes and Pestilence (History)Scream Machine (Science)Off with her head (History)Star Gazer (Science)Pharoahs (History)Allotment (Geography)
6Frozen Kingdom (Geography)A Child's War (History)Revolution (History)Hola Mexico (Geography)ID (Science)Tomorrow's World (Computing)