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Speed Awareness At Montgomery (11/10/2016)

Children in Puma class (year 5) have been learning about road safety as part of Birmingham's Slower is Safer campaign. The class have taken part in a road safety workshop, doing risk assessments, on the roads outside school and using speedometers to check the speed of local traffic. Five pupils also took part in Kids Court, where they had the opportunity to interview people who had been stopped by the police for speeding. Local media (radio and television) and council officers were also involved in the Kid's court event. We hope this campaign will encourage people driving around the local area to drive at the new speed limit of 20mph.


Izzah -’I hope people drive at 20mph now, and there are less accidents on the road.’

Kamrul - ‘This has helped me feel more confident about asking questions and speaking to people.’

Tanim - ‘I think our campaign will help people live life longer.’

Mahek - ‘It was a great experience, I would definitely do it again.’