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Send My Friend To School (2013)

World leaders made a promise to get every child in school from the year 2015. 60 million children still don’t go to school and 1.7 million teachers are needed. Children across the UK are calling for world leaders to take action to end the global education crisis.

In geography we have been learning about Gambia and have got involved in the ‘Send My Friend To School’ campaign.

We have been getting involved because we have been inspired by a girl who wanted to go to school and become a doctor. Her parents could not afford to pay for her education. We feel guilty because people like Fatima want to have a job and earn money for her family. We are hoping that David Cameron has kept his promise to send innocent children to school. In two years time every single child should attend a school. 

Children in 4BB have great empathy with children in Gambia thanks to our topic on the Gambia. We have high expectations of Mr Cameron to help every single child go to school. We hope you keep your promise Mr Cameron.

- Year 4 pupil