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King Edwards - Borcherds Shield Competition (09/12/2016)

On Friday the 9th of December, 4 children from Year 6 at Montgomery took part in the Borcherds Shield competition at King Edward's School. In total, 10 teams battled it out through several rounds. The crossnumber round involved the team working together to solve as many clues of a mathematical crossword as they could. Other rounds included a relay race where the team split into two pairs, each pair then had to solve mathematical puzzles before passing on the next puzzle to the other half of their team. The team worked well together and were able to utilise their strengths to help tackle each round . After a hard-fought challenge, the Monty team finished 2nd out of the 10 schools, just one point off joint first! It was a wonderful afternoon and the children represented the school in an excellent manner. Well done 'Team Monty'!